In addition to scoring to picture, Ross also offers the following music services which have taken him on set for a variety of production companies, brands and channels. Most projects require a combination of these services which is why it is essential that you have someone who can guide you through the complexities of the music world.

Music Consultant and Coach

Providing on-set musical continuity, an extensive knowledge of modern/period instruments/disciplines and technical/conceptual advice. 

Coaching actors to quickly gain confidence in their instrumental/vocal performance whether miming to track or performing live.

Musical Director/Musician

Providing a Head of Department for musically motivated projects who can encompass all of the skills necessary to work directly with the producers, directors and talent to achieve impressive performances.

As a session musician, instruments include piano, keyboards (complex sound setups, sample triggering & programming), voice, guitar, bass, violin, ukelele, accordian & percussion. All styles and disciplines.


Employing a hands-on approach to orchestration and arranging for soundtrack recording, live music videos or live broadcast. Offering versatile digital notation editing and distribution, music production and click tracks for playback and providing the technical setup and on-boarding for music centred shoots. 


Accessing a diverse selection of reputable and talented session musicians (instrumental and vocal) cross genre.