John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2018..

..Of course I would’ve loved to have written the music for the infamous John Lewis Christmas commercial had they asked, however, you know, I’m not Elton John ‘n all that.


However, I was very pleased to be commissioned to write and perform the piano foley for the commercial. In the end you can just hear my rock n roll piano and glissando faintly behind the main track, helping to reinforce and tell the story of Elton playing in bars as a teenager. I also created and performed piano foley for the recital scene that follows of very young Elton - although you can’t really hear it in the mix, I suspect that as it was much gentler visual action, it wasn’t really a necessary part of the sound design and was pulled right down or chopped. Either way, it was both the best paid glissando I’ve ever done and a contemporary cultural honour to be a very small cog in the machine that has become the John Lewis Christmas Commercial! Here it is below if you haven’t seen it, though I don’t know how you could miss it, even by accident!





How High The Moon

A musical extravaganza involving over 500 young performers accompanied by pro musicians/dancers/actors premiers at The Royal Festival Hall Monday 3rd July 7pm. Tickets available at the box office. Music and show concept by Laura Howe and myself. Choreography by Natasha Khamjani with poetry/narration by Mark Charles. Produced by Its All About The Music Trust and Southwark Music Hub.


First Netflix show!

It's still under wraps but feels like a rite of passage to be writing for my first Netflix series (happening right now!) I hope I can do the Netflix 'duh duoing' justice, which is in Dmajor incidentally, a very positive key by all accounts! More news on this to follow on completion. 


Tate Britain's Great British Walks

One of my cues for this show has been chosen for the pre titles (aka titles but with talking about the show). Pretty chuffed with that; check back here for an airing date.